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Read the stories of real-life clients and how rå oils have helped them. 

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acne & acne scarring

Name: Melkorka
Age: 23
Occupation: Law student
Skin condition: Acne and acne scars
Product: acne therapy face oil

"I have been suffering from very severe acne since the age of 12. It was up and down until the age of 21 when my acne came back, in a very severe form with a lot of swelling, on my face, chest and shoulders. After seeing a dermatologist I tried multiple treatments, both creams and oral treatments to fight the infection, without success.

After that i was put on Decutan (isotretinoinum) for six months which gave good results and later Differing (adapalenum) once my Decutan treatment had finished to keep the reults acheieved from the Decutan.

I first tried the 'acne therapy' oil during my Decutan treatment, which had made my skin look very dull and gray. The first thing i noticed was that after putting it on just once my skin got a nice heatlhy glow. The drugs severly dried up my skin but the oil was a complete saviour and ensured that my skin was well hydrated without clogging any pores.

A few months after i stopped my Decutan treatment my acne started coming back, albeit slightly less severe as before. I then started using the oil again in January this year. Then i wasn’t taking any medication for my acne nor using any other skin treatments for acne. I noticed right away how my skin got that nice glow again and after about 2 weeks I started seeing results with my acne going down, and the swelling and inflammation in the breakouts decreased – but that had been my main problem.

The oil is calming for the skin, healing and anti-inflammatory. I have very rough skin and a significant amount of scarring from the acne, and after using the oil I noticed that my skin was much smoother and that it’s working well for my scarring.

The oil balances the skin without clogging it or drying it up, which is a big pro."

Before & After pictures from some of our clients after using our acne therapy oil and clear skin cleanser

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Frida (our co-founder)

Elin Edda 

eczema & psoriasis


Name: Lilja
Age: 29
Occupation: Banking
Skin condition: Psoriasis
Product: skin therapy oil







"My name is Lilja and am 29 years old, live in Iceland and work in banking. I have been battling psorisis on my legs for the past 3 years. My first symptons were constant cronic itching and dry spots. This quickly escalated to a stage where, whenever I scratched my legs they began to bleed and swelling developed in dry spots. This caused an incredible burning sensaton and even more itching in my legs.

I had tried multple ointments and creams but nothing worked more than temporarily, and then all of the symptoms and associated pain came back.

After trying rå oils’ 'skin therapy' the itching in my skin calmed and it proved very soothing on my skin. If I ever feel the itching coming back I immediately rub in the oil and it sooths it.

The oils have proved very effectve for me and managed to keep the itching down and the dry spots have significantly decreased. I definitely, without a doubt, recommend this oil for anyone suffering from psoriasis."


Psoriasis and Rosacea

Name: Mar-Louise
Age: 49
Occupation: Housewife
Skin condition: Psoriasis and Rosacea
Product: skin therapy oil

I have suffered from psoriasis and rosacea for as long as I can remember. It gets worse when I'm stressed, or if I've been doing lots of housework, and gets particularly bad on my hands and my legs. I get dry red spots, itching, swelling and sometimes even bleeding. The skin can become very flaky and sore - not ideal when you have four kids and a home to take care of.

I was recommended ra oils skin therapy by my daughter and within a week of using it my skin calmed down. The itching dulled, the flakiness decreased and the oils gave me a soothing solution at the end of a long day. They smell lovely, go into my skin easily and my dry spots have definitely decreased.

I have tried so many treatments for psoriasis over the years, and sometimes it can feel hopeless, but the difference on my hands fro ra oils skin therapy is incredible. I would definitely recommend this product and encourage anyone who feels frustrated with their psoriasis to try it for themselves.

Dry skin

Name: Amelia
Age: 24
Occupation: Marketing
Skin condition: Dry skin
Product: rose water mist

I have been using the organic rose floral water mist for a couple of months now and it has fast become one of skin care products that I rely on the most. Although I don't suffer from any major skin conditions, my face can often feel dull, dry and my chin is prone to breakouts. This water mist gives me the pick me up that I need to give me confidence throughout the day.

Whether it's first thing in the morning when I get out of the shower, on top of my make up before I leave the house, when I come out of a big meeting or if I just need a quick boost, this water mist leaves my skin feeling fresh, hydrated and glowing. It gives my skin that lovely soft, dewy feel and it smells beautiful. The fact that it is 100% pure, precisely produced and contains no preservatives only makes it better.

I would recommend this product to any one who wants to brighten up their skin and be left feeling happy and healthy.


Name: Edward
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Skin condition: Psoriasis
Product: skin therapy oil

My psoriasis gets the worst on my legs and flares up the most if I've been wearing rugby or football socks and have irritated the skin. It gets very itchy, swells, bleeds and ends up looking really sore and raw. It's something that can make me feel annoyed and embarrassed and it's hard to find a cream or an oil that works. My mum is always looking for a new treatment that actually helps me, but it's difficult.

I started to try ra oils skin therapy on my legs. It smells natural (not too girly!) and feels soft and soothing on my psoriasis patches. The flakiness and redness has definitely started to reduce and I don't notice the itching as much whether I'm sitting still or running around. Eventhough there is still some mild redness there, my patches look much less sore and are softer and smoother now. They are just flat now rather than being scabby.

I think it can be hard for boys my age to look for products and pick the right thing without a doctor, but I can honestly recommend ra oils. They are natural products that do great work for your skin.