a mother-daughter project

rå oils was born back in 2013 when Frida (daughter) had finally had enough of searching for a solution to her acne, which had plagued her since her early teenage years.

Over the years she had spent a fortune on both over-the-counter skin care products for acne, and on private dermatologists, as well as suffering two painful rounds of roaccutane drug treatments and denying herself of all foods said to be remotely linked to acne. Despite all of this, her acne never went away and the strong drug treatments left her face badly scarred.

It was then that Elin (mother), a beauty therapist and later an aroma therapist, decided to take matter into her own hands. She had been reading a lot about the power of oils and was convinced that oils could be the solution to her daughter's problem. 

She started experimenting making oils, and the more she experimented the more convinced she became that oils could be the solution to a lot more than just acne. It was then that she decided that she needed to learn more about oils and so she became a certified aroma therapist. 

After months and months of testing they then finally found the optimal blend for acne-prone skin. After starting to use the oil, Frida's skin improved drastically over the months until it became completely clear - and stayed clear! 

Seeing the amazing results, Elin then developed another oil to help a friend suffering badly from psoriasis. So badly, that she should to scratch her skin so that it would start to bleed every night when sleeping. After starting to use the oils though, her psoriasis improved so much that her skin completely stopped itching and the redness and swelling went down. 

Going back to Frida, her acne had cleared up completely but her skin was still left badly scarred. Together they then started the journey of developing the perfect blend for treating acne scars. This was a long process of sourcing the best ingredients and finding the right balance between them. 

All the hard work paid off in the end and they developed the perfect blend they were looking for to treat acne scars. Today, for the first time in over 10 years, Frida's skin is healthy, clear and even - and she feels more beautiful without makeup then with. 

These oils are our passion, and because of how much we love them and how much our friends, family and test groups love them - we want to share them with you and show the world the power of natural oils.