Common questions

I do not know what my skin type is:

To find out what your skin type is, clean your skin and pat dry. Do not put on any moisturizers.  After 30 minutes, examine the chin, forehead, cheeks, T-zone and nose. If your skin feels tight you most likely have dry skin.

Dry skin that in addition is tender and even red, is sensitive skin.

If there is a pronounced shine on the T-zone and cheeks you are most likely with oily skin.

If you have dryness in the cheeks and oily in the T-zone, you have a normal / mixed skin.

A skin with oily shine, a lot of blackheads and some bumps, is oily/acneic and if you have in addition  acne breakouts with inflammation, you have acne or tendency to acne.

Skin that suffers from acne is irritated, often itching in rashes, pus or fluid comes out of bumps, much redness and swelling. It is common to get scars after acne rash and red spots remain on the skin.

What rå oils products are suitable for each skin type?

skin rescue suits very dry and dry skin. Sensitive, flaky skin with itchiness and irritability. Has been very successful in eczema drought, psoriasis patches and difficult dermatitis. It has also been shown to be prophylactic with insect bites, as well as calming after bites.

eternal radiance suits normal, mixed, oily skin without rashes. It balances the skin and  gives it deep moisture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, enhances skin elasticity and gives a wonderful glow. eternal radiance smoothly shreds dead skin cells and helps to remove surface impurities and blackheads. Evens out skin color.

acne therapy is suitable for skin that is oily, with acne breakouts, skin that has tendancy to acne, has a blocked/open blackheads, infection, redness, irritability, scars and red spots after breakouts. acne therapy begins it’s work by clearing up any infection. This process might take some time, depending entirely on the skin’s condition. In this process we feel that the acne is getting worse which is completely normal as the skin is clearing out. After this process your skin starts to heal slowly.

Many see great results after only 10-14 days, others need up to 3-6 months to get good results.

It's very important to clean your skin thoroughly twice daily. We recommend our clear skin cleanser as it works very well with acne therapy.

We also advise not to use other products in the meantime, as they may interfere with the essential oils.

clear skin cleanser suits all skin types, but is best for oily/acne skin.

To cleanse any makeup and environmental debris, wet your face and hands with warm water and gently massage in circular motions a small amount over your face and neck. Follow by laying a warm, steamy face cloth over your face and press it to your face, breathing in the oil fused steam. Rinse and repeat.

Then gently wipe of any oil and residue. Repeat once more if necessary, until skin is cleansed and soft. Follow with a hydrating oil, we recommend our acne therapy oil for acne prone skin and our anti- aging oil for normal to mixed skin. For skin suffering from psoriasis, eczema or extreme dryness, we recommend our skin therapy oil

Clear skin cleanser can be used on eye area but we always recommend testing small area first as it may irritate sensitive eyes

rose mist  suits all skin types.

Can be used on both clean skin and over makeup. Spray a fine mist over skin and leave to absorb.

Has calming effect on acne and skin irritations. Maintains pH palance of the skin. Stimulates regeneration of the skin. Promotes healthy & elastic skin.           Soothing, refreshing & hydrating. Reduces redness & inflammation.                 Gently cleanses & tones. Gives a dewy glow. Naturally fragrant 

radiance mask suits all skin types except sensitive skin.

A powerful detoxing pink clay mask with pure rosehip extract and antioxidant green tea to exfoliate and regenerate, leaving the skin silky smooth and with a beautiful healthy glow.  The delicate clay has firming and toning elements that improve the overall texture of the skin providing lasting hydration.

For maximum effect, leave the facemask on for 15 minutes and finish by wetting your hands and exfoliating the skin with the mask. Rinse off with warm water, ideally in the shower.

Perfect for skin in need of some extra love and care.

The mask is best blended with our rose mist but it can be mixed with water or herbal tea such as camilla or fennel.

For how long should I use the oils?  

rå oils completely replaces any moisturizer or cream you normally use. Use rå oils twice daily on clean skin.

They are for daily use, except acne therapy. Acne therapy is developed to treat and prevent acne and acne breakouts. Once successful results have been achieved, it is advised to use acne therapy occasionally, when, and if the rash begins to recur. Best results have been achieved by replacing acne therapy with eternal radiance, as it has been shown to keep the sebum production balanced.

I am allergic to nickel, can I use rå oils ?  

In every test on our ingredients, nickel has not been found, not even in trace amounts.

Nevertheless, if in doubt, we always encourage people to seek advice from their doctor.

Is it safe for pregnant and lactaating to use rå oils?

In tests that all of our products have undergone, and are in accordance with EU international regulations, all oils products are safe for pregnant women. Again, we always recommend for a doctor's advice to be safe.

Where are these products created?

All rå oils  products are hand blended in Iceland by Elin, one of the owner and product developer of rå oils 

All our ingredients we buy from a supplier that is certified vegan, cruelty free and fair trade, deals with sustainable farmers and meets all requirements for transparency and traceability of products.

I do not find an answer to my question here

If you need further advice, or have more questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at :  

If you are currently being treated by a dermatologist and are taking acne medication, proceed to do so. It is perfectly safe to use acne therapy meanwhile, and has been shown to help calm the skin when taking acne medication.

Our education is not in the field of medicine and we will never claim that our oils can cure one or any skin condition.

We advise only according to our experience and others who have used rå oils products.

Our knowledge is based on ancient science of essential oils that have been used for centuries, both for medical and beauty purposes.